What is Castling

What is Castling in chess-How To Castle.

At the starting stage when you start playing chess you don’t have proper knowledge about, What is castling in chess or if you have knowledge also, you don’t know properly which thing you have to keep in mind while casting, so If you have any doubt about this special move then it will not exist anymore. In this, I will teach you How to do castling properly.

What is Castling In Chess

Castling is a Move in which king and rook move together & exchange their initial Side, It doesn’t exchange initial position.

which means that if the king is in right to a rook After castling king goes to the left of the rook.

As seen in the image below.

How To Castle in Chess.

you can castle on the 2 sides of the board either at the kingside or in the queenside


What is castling

King Side Castling

King Side Castling

King Side Castling Means, Castling takes place between rook and king, there is only Knight and Bishop in Between of Castling. kingside Castling is much preferred by the people because through the castling king gets its safe place.

Queen Side Castling

queen side

Queen Side Castling means, to Castle we have first of all clear the path between king and Rook by moving our all Knight, Bishop and Queen. piece.

Basic Things Which You Must Keep In Mind To Performing Castling Move.

1- There must No Piece Between King and Rook.

2-You must not move your king anywhere before castling, Which you can also say that your king should not move anywhere from its initial position.

3- You must not Getting check from anywhere from any piece while castling, In simple words we can say that if it is your turn and you decide to castle, but if you are getting the check you can’t do so, As seen the image below.

Although you can tackle the check by moving your pawn andthen do the castle.

Why Castling is Important

At the initial stage, your chess coach or instructor always says you to castle in chess but at the point, you don’t understand why he always says to the castle, So I have discussed some major benefit of Doing Castling, And Castling works better when it done in first 10-20 moves.

1- Castling is Important to Safe your King from Check or any threat of the checkmate because after castling king gets to a safe position.

2-Through castling your that side rook also become active in which side you castle.

3-Some time in the game a situation appears when you are getting check also and your piece is also in trouble then at the situation you have to tackle the check first, so your one piece will be lost, Well Castling protects us from these check-in beginning game-play.  

In the Following situation, you are not allowed to castle.

1- If your King has moved before then you can’t castle.

2-If Your rook has been moved means if you are trying to castle king but if you move that side rook then you are not allowed to castle that side, Although you can castle to another side.

3-If there is any piece in between the king and rook then you can’t castle, it has been told above but it is only a reminder for you.

4-If opponent any piece move is appearing between king and rook then you can’t castle, In Simple word you can say that if opponent queen or rook or any other piece is anywhere and its next initial moves come between rook and king move, then you can’t castle.

See the below image

Situation where castle not allowed

In the above image, you see that Opponent queen move in appearing between king and rook, then in this situation castling can’t take place.

Conclusion About What is Castling in chess.

I hope that your doubt has been cleared, if you have any doubt related chess then Comment below, I will make sure I will answer it.

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