Stalemate In Chess-Learn all about Stalemate.

Stalemate In Chess-Learn all about Stalemate.

did you hear about Stalemate in chess, here I will explain with you what is stalemate and how you can tackle stalemate?

Stalemate is a situation arises in the end game when the opponent doesn’t have any piece other thanking and vice versa.

Remember that this move is not intentional, it happens by the chance and you must avoid it.

Sometime stalemate can spoil your winning chess game, so remember, you must learn how to avoid it.

What is Stalemate in chess.

Stalemate is a situation where the opponent king is not getting a check an opponent also doesn’t have any legal move, then that situation is considered as a draw hence it is named as a stalemate.

Bellow are given Example o, these examples are real chess game examples and mostly occurred situations.

So you must avoid these Situations in your chess game so that you can win the game.

Stalemate in chess

The above situation arises, when you are trying to mate with King and queen.

And in the bellow situation, it is impossible to tackle stalemate if the opponent is an experienced player and if the opponent is more near to your piece.

Stalemate which can't be tackled
Stalemate happen while mating with rook and king.

How you can avoid stalemate.

Stalemate tackling is not a hard and fast rule, it to easy to tackle stalemate.

To avoiding stalemate you must follow the instruction below.

1- Before moving any piece you must ascertain that the opponent may have moved after you move that piece.In simple word you can say that when you move your piece you have a check that opponent may have moves until his king gets checkmate.

Common reason why stalemate happen.

1- In most cases, stalemate happens due to a lack of concentration.

2- Another reason why stalemate happens is, you may not hear about that move earlier.

Conclusion About Stalemate In Chess.

I think you may understand the stalemate.

If you have any doubt regarding stalemate then ask me in a comment.

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