Queen Gambit In Chess-Step by Step Guide.

Queen Gambit In Chess-Step by Step Guide.

Queen Gambit is one of the best Chess openings for white.

This opening with white has its own benefit when you play this opening.

here I will explain to you, how we can perform the queen’s gambit and what is the advantage of playing this opening and how black can tackle this opening.

How to do Queen Gambit-step by step guide.

1- Open with peace D4.

Queen Gambit Opening

First of all, you have open your piece with your To D4. D4 is considered as a very good opening for white and it has various benefits.

2- Opponent will move pawn D5 to tackle D4.

Queen Gambit opening.

Here opponent will move D5 so that he can tackle move D4.

3- you move pawn to C4.

tackling  opponent pawn
Queen gambit completed.

After that, you have to move your piece to C4, and if the opponent will take that piece then this whole process is called queen’s gambit.

the benefit of performing Queen Gambit for the white piece.

A-) You have one piece in center which will cover the central square and the opponent doesn’t have it.

B-) You can give support to D4 pawn by moving your pawn to E3 and after that, you can activate your Bishop by taking the pawn C4.

If opponent is trying to protect the piece by moving B5 then what to do??

yes, that a good try which opponent gives to protect his peace, but for me, he did a foolish thing.

If opponent protects his piece by moving a piece to B5 then following thing you should do.

First of all, you have to move your pawn to B3 for allowing him to take that pawn.

When he take pawn

If he takes the pawn, then you have to take his pawn by your bishop, after that he gets to check if he protects check by moving bishop. Then you have to take his bishop and after that take his pawn in B3.

And boom you are advantage because you have more active piece

When he does not take the pawn.

If he does not take pawn then it becomes simple for you.

You just have to give support to your pawn by moving your B3 pawn .

Conclusion About Queen Gambit In Chess.

I think you might have been understanding about this move.

if you have any questions ask me in a comment.

If you getting confused about what is that B5, D4 then take a look bellow.

Chess Board.

My suggestion for you is apply it practically not orally.

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