How To Teach Chess To Kid-Easy Guide.

How To Teach Chess To Kid-Easy Guide.

Do you want to teach chess to your kid ,but you are getting little bit confuse about how to teach chess to kid.

Well here i will explain you ,how you can teach chess to kids,and i will also explain you the benefits of playing chess for kids.

As you know that chess is brain activity,if you will teach chess to your kids then your kid will become mentally more active as compared to kid who don’t play chess.

Note:- Only play chess with your kid, if he feels interest in chess.

Note:- Your child must be above 6 year ,if you are teaching him playing chess.

How you can assume he is felling interested in chess or not??

You can assume by regularly playing with him for 2-3 month for only one or less hour in a day.

Then after 2-3 month ,if he has learned about chess set-up and chess movement and he shows joy while playing chess.

How To Teach Chess To Kid.

1- Give them chess pieces to play.

Firstly you have to give chess board and chess piece to him for only playing like he/she plays with toys.

2- Explain them What Is Chess.

Then next day you have to explain them basic about chess ,for example you have to told chess is a game which is played between two player and also explain names of chess pieces and tell them there value of each chess piece. .

Click here to learn all about chess board set-up and piece Value and many more things about chess.

3- Explain how to set-up chess board.

Next day you have to explain them,how to set-up chess board,but remember that explain them as a manner that they remember it,..

You have at-least take 7-10 to explain how to set-up chess board.

You can also give chess piece name to their favorite cartoon character which is someway related to image of chess piece.

4- Explain chess piece movement.

Next day you have to explain them chess piece movement.

Note:- you must give them time of at least 5-10 days to learn chess piece moves ,and daily you have to explain him/her about chess moves,until he/she learn it properly.

5- play a game with him.

After 3-5 days Play a game with him,in which you will just assume that he is moving piece properly or not, and give him guidance, if he moves wrong move.

You have to play for 15 days just for analyzing whether he moves correct or not.and you can give him more time if he make mistakes after 15 days also.

and after that you don’t have to guide him and let him play in his own way for 10 days with you.

6- Explain him about opening and special moves.

After 10 days you have to explain him about importance of chess opening and about the moves which is considering as good opening.

you have to make him apply castling,guide him instruction by which castling becomes easy.

and regularly plays a hour in day for 10 days ,by focusing only on castling.

Click here to know about opening if you have any confusion

After that you have explain him about en-passant and pawn promotion.

7- play every day with him.

After that your children have understand the all the moves properly and now you have play with him regularly for 1 month .

And Also Make Them Remind About Special move named as castling and enpassent.

Summary Chart of How To Teach Chess To Kid.

How Many days to take to explain them What to taught  
1 day Give them to chess board and pieces ,as he play with her as he plays with toys.
5 day Explain about basic chess pieces and their value.
7-10 days Explain them how to set-up chess board
5-10 days How chess pieces moves.
15 days Play a game with to check whether he moves pieces correctly or not.
10 days Explain them about en-passant and castling
After these step Play with them daily ,and also revise them special moves ,if they don’t apply them in game.


You have to timely revise him/her about the special moves,if he not applies that move in chess game.

Conclusion About How To Teach Chess To Kid.

I hope you have understand about,how you can teach chess to kids.

You must follow the days chart i have given you.

That chart is a summery of above explanation,if you follow these.I make sure that your child will surely learn how to play chess,and will soon become a good chess player.

Beyond from all this you must also considering your child/kid interest in chess as first priority.

If you have any query ,ask in comment.

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