How To Play COC

How To Play COC (Clash Of Clan)

COC (Clash of clan) is an android Game,Which is released in year 2013,currently Coc has more than 500M Download in play store.

In clash of clan you have to build up resources ,defenses upgrade your town hall ,upgrade you defense and upgrade your resources and so on..

Clash of clan is Fun game which is related to building of own village and clan,and also about giving donation and taking donation.

Lets Talk about How To Play COC

How To Play COC

1- Down load the game from Play store.

First of all you have download the game from play store.

2- Getting Started with.

How to play coc.

next step you have to getting started with town hall ,you have given town-hall and also you will get necessary guide how you can play so..

3- Build up canon.

build up your canon

here you have to shop a canon and to build up your defense ,

4- Attack with wizard.

attack with wizard

next step you have to attach with wizard ,here you have to release you all wizard near cannon.

5-Build Up Resources defense and barracks and wall.

Build up resources ,wall defenses etc.

As you know that clash of clan is a game of building up resources and upgrading the resources.So you have keep building your resources.

and you also have to build and upgrade your defenses and barracks ,you must always keep in mind that clash of clan is a game,which theme is based upon building and upgrading resources,defenses and attacking ,army camp etc.

6- Train the Troops

Train troop in con

Next step you have to train the troops from barracks ,the train trooped will shown in the army camp.

7- Attack on the bases.

next you have to find the base and attack the bases,

You have to click in the attack button ,which is at the left down corner.

Note-You Must attack on that base whom who you are cable of bringing at-least one star, other wise you will loos tropes.

If you think that base you which appear in-front of you is hard,then you can skip that base and attack the another base.,by clicking in the Next button.

Attack in global.

8- Build Up Clan castle and join the clan.

Next step is to build up your clan castle ,the building of clan castle is very much required in clash of clan.

As now you can join the clan ,talk with clan-mates and .also request for troops.

How To Join Clan.

You can join clan by Writing in global chat “NEED CLAN” .

Then some of the clan will send you request to join their clan.

Then you will see that the mail box is appearing bellow ,where your trophies is calculated.

and you have click on that and accept their request to join the clan.

Conclusion About How To Play COC

I think that you might have understand ,how to play coc,

Remember that clash of clan is all about upgrading troop,town-hall,defenses,attack etc.

The most important is town hall in coc ,so must keep your town hall in safe position.

Some way your village will become very much good after a year.

Some of the example images are given bellow.

how to play coc
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