How to play Chess

How To Play Chess-Chess Rule And Basics

If You are Beginner & recently started playing chess and searching for how to play chess, then you are at the Right Place, In this Post, I will Discuss Detailed about Chess rules, Chess Piece Movement, chess Board Set-up and How to Castle and What is that Special move called “En-Passant”.

Lets Talk About How To Play Chess

Playing chess isn’t hard, here I will give you all the basic ideas about how to play chess properly and I am sure after this you will not get into doubt about how to play chess.

How To Play Chess

Chess is a Board game that is played between two players, each player has 16 pieces and there are 64 blocks on the chess board in which these pieces can be moved.

The basic purpose of a chess game is to Checkmate the opponent king, which means the king is the most important piece in a chess game and makes sure that your king is in a safe corner of the board.

There are total of 16 pieces, which each player have  includes-: 

8 Pawn.

2 Rook.

2 Knight

2 Bishop 

1 Queen and 1 king

Before you learn about how these pieces move, you must know the worth of each of these pieces so that you can make a decision about which piece should be taken with whom.

Pawn value-1

Knight value-3

Bishop Value-3

Rook value-5

Queen Value-9

and king is most important piece.

How To Set-Up Chess Board

how to play chess

Set-up of the chess board is not a big deal, but while starting playing chess as a beginner, you may have some confusion related “How these Pieces are Set-up on a chess board.

I will set-up white pieces on the board.

so First of all, we put our both Rook at “Left and Right”  corner of the chess board,

After that put, both knights near both the rook and then put both bishops near both knights,

Then put king, 4 blocks away from the right, As you already set-up Rook, Knight, and bishop. 

Then put queen, 4 blocks away from the left side.

After that Put all the 8 Pawn in front of these pieces.

In the same way, You can Set-up Black pieces also but remember, with black pieces you have to put king 4 block away from the left side and put up queen 4 blog away from the right side.

Click here to learn more about chess board set-up

How chess Pieces Moves.

Now you had Understood how Chess Board is Set-up and what is the value of each piece, so the next step is to learn how to move these chess pieces.


A pawn can move either 1 step or 2 steps forward in his first moves, it’s totally up to you, but after the first move, each pawn moves only 1 step, It applied to all the pawn in the board.

chess pawn

Pawn takes pieces Diagonally,  click here to know more.


chess rook

Rook Moves Horizontally and vertically on a chess board.


chess knight

Knight moves 2 and a half moves from his initial position. To any of the possible blocks in any direction.



Bishop Moves Diagonally, Bishop can move diagonally either to left either to right, it can move in both directions either forward either backward.



Queen is one of the most Powerful pieces in a chess game and it contains maximum moves, The move of Queen contains Combine moves of all other chess pieces Expect Knight, Means it can move like a Rook, Bishop, Pawn.and it is also a most valuable chess piece.


Kings is the most important piece among other chess pieces, always ascertain that your king is at a safe position or not, and always try to put the king away from check and checkmate.

King only has few moves, it can only move 1 step to any direction, 

How to castle in Chess

While as a beginner you may know how to castle in chess, but sometimes confusion arises in mind related casting, so I will clear your confusion related to your queries.

Click on to the link and know all about castling, well I am pretty sure that your confusion will not exist anymore, In chance, it exists comment below I will help you to solve your queries.

Click here to learn about What is Castling in chess

En-Passant & Pawn promotion

En-Passant is a move which most of the Beginner chess player don’t know. but this move is very much effective when you used it in the right position, so it becomes very much essential to be aware of this move so, I will teach you all about this move.

Click here to learn about En-Passant and Pawn Promotion


Checkmate is a situation where an opponent king is getting a check and he has no move to move his king, it is considered as a checkmate, Basically, it means the end of that chess match.


Stalemate is a situation where an opponent is not getting a check and he also doesn’t have any piece to move, and his king also doesn’t have any move, that particular situation is called stalemate, then that chess match is considered a Draw.

In simple words, we can say that if the opponent has no move and he is not getting check also, that particular situation is called Stalemate.

Control Central Square

how to play chess

At the beginning stage of chess match always try to control a central square because if you control the central square you can block opponent pieces to become more active. And this strategy is also used by players, who are playing at the Higher level.

How To Play Chess-Rules and Basics.

Touch And Move Chess Rule.

You Might Hear about this rule,

According to this rule, if you have touched any piece then you have to move that piece only, If you have touched 2 pieces(at one move) intentionally, then it was considered to be the end of the game, in which you will consider as a loss.

50 Move Chess Rule.

If an opponent has some piece through which checkmate is possible and you only have king then he has chances to mate you, but according to rule if you have successfully completed 50 moves with the alone king without checkmate then that match consider a draw.

Time Restricted Chess Rule.

Most of the International chess game is based upon time, where both players have an equal amount of time if one player time has been finished then another player will consider the winner of that game.

Common Things You Must Know.

1- If You remain with your king and knight and opponent have his king only then that situation is also considered as a draw because you can’t checkmate with the alone knight.

2-Even though you have your One Bishop and One king and king, the opponent only has its king only then that situation is also considered as a draw because it is also impossible to mate with the knight, Bishop, and king. 

3-You must know how to checkmate with one rook and king, Checkmate with Alone king and queen in the endgame, as it mostly arises a situation in the endgame.

Conclusion About How To Play Chess

I think that I might have clear your doubts,if you have any other doubt then comment it bellow, I will make sure that I will reply to it.

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