How To Improve At Chess-8 Effective Tip

How To Improve At Chess-8 Effective Tip

hey friends, Here I will share 8 Effective Tips on How To Improve At Chess.

Before you play any sports you may ask for some tips which will help you to improve your game, in the same way, in chess also tips are required to help in the improvement of a chess game.

So here you will get information related How To Improve At Chess.I’m sure after applying these tips in your chess game, you will surely Improve At Chess.

Lets Tal About How To Improve At Chess

How To Improve At Chess

You must focus on daily basis chess game and regular practice to improve your chess game you must beat that player whom you think the most competitive player in your group & once you beat him, pick up another player who is better than you in chess and beat him also, and hence one day you will perfect.

Below are some tips which will help you enhance your chess game, remember these are only tips, it’s upon you whether you apply it or not.

8 Effective tips on How To Improve At Chess

1 Tip- Learn With Every Game.

You know that learning is the most important part of every mental activity, so you have learned with every chess game.

Below are some points though you can improve your chess game learning strategy.

1- Sit with the chess board remember the situation in which the opponent mate you, and find, how you can tackle it.

2- Remember the move in which you had loos your piece, and try to avoid that mistake from next time.

3- This is most important, remember the move which you fell most aggressive move in your chess game.

2 Tip- Be interested.

I highly recommend you, if you fell chess as an interesting game, then only play chess otherwise you will get irritated.

If you think that you can learn to play chess by just playing for 1 month, then you are can only learn the basics of chess in 1 month.

If you can play chess for 2-3 hours without getting bored, then only you can improve your chess game, remember that.

3 Tip- Practice Regularly.

The practice is the most important thing, which helps you to become perfect.

You may also hear about the Quote “Practice makes the Human Perfect” The same applies to chess also.

So play regularly and practice daily, one day you will become perfect in chess.

4 Tip- Have A Fun.

Magnus Carlsen also said that he used to play chess 7-8 hours a day because he is enjoying playing chess and he used to have fun while playing chess.

So only play chess, if you used to have fun while playing chess.

Otherwise, you will never gonna improve your chess game.

5 Tip- Find the Reason behind opponent move.

For applying this you have to ask some questions with your self and the question are. Why he move that? What is purpose Behind it? Does it harm me any piece?

I’m sure that if you find the answer to these question then you will never gonna face uncertainty regarding your pieces.

6 Tip- Don’t Be Afraid to play,when you loss

I remember that when I used to play chess I aim to beat that player, who had beaten me in the previous match.

And I used to play daily with him until I beat him, that makes me better and better day by day.

so remember that if anybody beat you then continuously play with him until you beat him, by doing this one day you will become the beast.

7 Tip- Think 3-4 Move in advance.

If you want to see your improvement in your chess game from today then follow this.

You must not make one purpose of one move, you must think in advance that if I move this piece then how many attacks I can make through this move

And you may make planning in your mind, if opponents move this then how can I tackle that move.

8 Tip- Don’t Become over-confident.

You might face this issue various time, you think that I can beat him as I had beaten him last time also.

so you become overconfident and you used to take him lightly and at last, you see that he has beaten you.

I’m sure this happens with you also. So don’t be overconfident and neither be underconfidence.

Conclusion About How To Improve At Chess.

I Think you might have understood, what I am explaining.

If you follow these tips then I am sure your chess game will improve.

If you have any doubt, ask in comment.

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