En-Passant & Pawn Promotion-Learn it.

En-Passant & Pawn Promotion-Learn it.

These chess moves help you win when you apply it on the situation, Pawn promotion is a widely popular move which most of Beginner chess player knows, but at an initial stage, you don’t know about En-Passant so, I will teach you brief about Pawn Promotion and Special Move called En-Passant.

So Let’s Get Started


When at the first time when someone plays this move against you, I am sure that at that time you get very much confused that is he plays a legal move, but after certain days you get to know that this is a legal move.

Criteria of Doing En-Passant

1 Step= your any Pawn Must Beat 5th(B5) position of the chess board. Let take an example of Knight forward pawn.

Lets Take the bellow example

En-Passant in chess

2 Step= Opponent must move Pawn which is in front of the “Queenside” rook(A5) or bishop(C5), Remember that if the opponent moves 2 steps forward then only En-Passant applies., As also seen in the below picture.

En-Passant in chess

That in this turn you can do the special move called En-Passant, Look how it happens.

3 Step= As seen in the below picture you take the Pawn Locate in the 4th poison in-front of Bishop(C5) and your pawn went Diagonally as shown in the image, This is a special move which is called En-Passant and which most of beginner chess player doesn’t know, IF you have doubt then you are free to ask me in comments.

En-Passant in chess


IF the opponent moves one step forward and then again move one step forward to his Pawn which is in front of Bishop or Rook, then it looks like a situation of en-passant but at that point, you can’t do so.

you can only do en-passant in the next initial move after he moves his pawn 2 step forward. You can’t do en-passant if you move any of the other pieces before doing en-passant.

The above explanation is the only example, it can be done with any pawn which follows the same criteria.

Pawn promotion

Pawn Promotion is a move in which your pawn moves 5 steps from its initial position than in the 6th step your chess pawn gets promoted to which you want to promote it.. it means you can promote your chess pawn to Knight, Rook, King, and bishop.

Pawn Promotion
Pawn promotion

In the case of pawn promotion, most of the peoples promote their pawn to the queen because it is the most valuable piece in a chess board.

This situation of pawn promotion at-most arises at the end of the game.

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