Chess Tips

Chess Tips-8 Tips To Improve Chess Game.

here I will share with you some important Chess tips which will help you to improve your chess game. Beyond from chess tips also help you know some basics things about chess.

I will share all my experience regarding chess tips with you, and these tips will help you to get one step closer to become a perfect chess player

Chess Tips

1 Tip= Use a good opening

As when you start playing chess you don’t have much knowledge about chess, so you think that opening doesn’t matter in chess. but

In my point of you, I consider how you open a chess game matter a lot in your chess game, if you open your game with any terrible move then you may face a problem in the middle and end of the game.

Click here to learn about chess opening

2 Tip- Think 2-3 moves in advance

When you start playing chess, you thought “oh no” what happens even after preparing for so long, I am losing a chess game against him/her, well I will tell you.

This happens because you are making idle moves that have no purpose or you are just thinking about only the next move or you are just making one purpose of one move.

If you want to win the chess game you have to take advantage of a piece no matter what piece it is, one Pawn is also important if you are playing competitive chess match.

3 Tip-Watch the chess matches.

Yes, it is proven that we learn most of the things by watching practically and by analyzing the game, you can watch grandmaster games because it includes lots of learning.

You can improve your chess game by pausing the video in middle and assuming what will her/his next move, this will help you to learn some key point regarding the middle game and your vision toward game will also change.

Analyzing the Chess G.M matches will also give you an idea about how to use rook, knight, bishop properly during the game. and what the right time to loss pieces.

4 Tip- Analyse the opponent move.

This is considered as one of the easiest ways to tackle any threat toward your chess pieces because now you have known his move so you can tackle his move.

If you can’t properly analyze an opponent game, then you can only try to know the opponent move this will someway help you to protect you from any trouble which you might face.

Analyzing the opponent move will help to understand the basic things about how people think in middle and end game, this will indirectly help to improve your skills.

5 Tip-Castle in early Game.

I am recommending you to castle in an early stage because trough castling you chess goes to the safe position and your king someway protected from a check.

Castling also helps to develop rook in the early game.

If you don’t know how to castle then click here.

6 Tip- Open Up Your All Pieces As Soon As Possible.

Chess is a game of moves, if you have more Developed pieces then you have more control over a chess board, and if you have more control over the game then the opponent has less control, so you are an advantage.

Developing chess piece will lead you to control more blocks in a chess board, If you have more control over blocks then you have more control over the game, and if you have more control over the game then it will lead to winning the game.

7 Tip- Don’t move the same piece twice at the beginning of chess game

Earlier I do mistake that I used to move one chess piece twice and that lead me to lose the game, I am sure you also do the same mistake sometimes in a chess game.

most of the people don’t know the importance of movement and that lead them to make an idle move, and in that time opponent open their game and grab the blocks in a board, as a result, opponent win the game.

I am only saying don’t make twice move if there is no purpose, if you have a purpose then you must surely move twice, as it may lead you to win the game.

Generally, I am saying that don’t move twice at the beginning of the chess game, because it is time where you must focus on your opening.

8 Chess Tips- Take Pieces Wisely.

In chess, every piece has value in numbers such as Rook value is 5,Pawn value is 1, Bishop and Knight Value is 3, queen value is 9.

So if you want to take any piece then take a piece with the same value or greater value

For Example-if you have a knight and a situation occur where you have given your knight and take bishop then you may take it or may not it will not lead you to any loss.

But if there is rook then you take it with your knight as rook is more valuable.

Conclusion About Chess Tips.

I think you might find these tips helpful.

I am sure if you apply these tips in a chess game you will see improvement in your chess game.

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