Chess Strategy

Chess strategy

Chess strategy means planning in the chess game which leads to improve your chess games or help you to avoid mistakes and you can also say that strategy will make you know about the crucial things which you should follow while playing the chess game.

Here I will explain to you the all the stuff related to basic chess strategy and I will also explain to you-

Chess Middle-game strategy

Chess endgame strategy

So let’s Talk about Chess Strategy

(1)- Basic Chess Strategy

1-Donot move idle move.

I saw most of beginner chess player to make an idle move, and that’s I found one of the most repeated mistakes they do in beginning.

I’m sure if you are a beginner, you may also do the same mistake. Here the main problem arises that you may be little much confused about what is said to be idle move. well, let me tell you.

The idle mode is a move that you move without thinking.

Idle moves are a move which doesn’t have a purpose or only has one purpose, as to win a competitive chess game, you must have to have a purpose of every single move

2- Make your pieces active as soon as possible.

make your chess piece active will help you to control more blocks on the board.

make your chess piece active will help you to control more blocks on the board.

3- Make a plan in the middle game.

make a plan means to take a one minute pause during the middle game, and deeply think about …

1-What is an opponent strategy, and why he moves that piece. I am sure it will help to prevent your pieces from Big threat.

2-How to take advantage of pieces…

3-Can there is any move through checkmate can happen.

4- Think before moving any of your pieces.

You must think why should I move this and also check that any opponent piece can’t take that .until that is not intentional.

Sometimes a small mistake will lead you to lose your piece, so think before moving any single move.

For-ex-if you are moving your knight and you do not see that the opponent queen can take this, then it will lead you to lose your whole game.

And also remember that opening matters a-lot so think before moving your opening pieces.

Click here to learn about the chess opening.

5- Learn Basic Checkmates.

You must try to learn all the strategical checkmate which applies in your chess games.some of common checkmate are-

1-Checkmate with rook and king.

3-Checkmate in 3 moves.

2-Checkmate with king and queen

4-checkmate in 4 moves.

If you learn these checkmates then it will help you do mate, when that situation arises.

6- Always Move Pieces in Support.

You must always move your chess pieces. Basically, you must do it when the game goes to the end situation.

Because in the end game situation arise where the opponent can give your king check and also take the other piece.

so if you have support then you may not threaten about it.

7- Sit Alone and play with Yourself

This is the most capable chess strategy which I used to improve my chess game.

Sit alone and play with yourself means, you must sit alone and think the move in which you are stuck with your opponent in your previous game and try to find solutions.

It will help you improve your chess game and help you to learn a new strategy for chess.

(1.1)- Chess Middle-game Strategy

Middle-game strategy means common middle-game principle or rules which you must follow while playing your middle game in the chess

did you know that middle-game is the most crucial part, which decides you will lose or win, so you must have a good Chess middle-game strategy?

Chess Middle-game strategy will help you to avoid mistakes and also help you to learn more about chess.

This Middle-game strategy helps you to improve your chess game, and directly or indirectly reflect in your chess game.

So here I will go to explain to you 4 basic Middle game strategy which you must apply in your game.

1-Take a Pause and deeply understand the game

Here you have to follow 3 simple strategies, If you follow these strategies then I am sure it will directly reflect in your game.

a)= firstly you have to try to assume opponent strategy, it means you have to assume that, whether there is any move through the opponent can checkmate you.

b)= secondly you have to check, whether there is any way to checkmate the opponent.

c)= Take a look at your king and see whether it is in a safe position or not, if not, place it to a safe position as soon as possible.

2- Give Support To Every Piece.

In the middle of your chess game, you must have to keep in mind, your every piece must be in support, especially those pieces which are in the middle of the board.

You must support every piece, which is in the middle of the game or makes an attack for the opponent piece.

No matter, what piece it is, even one pawn is considered an important piece. if you play competitive chess match.

3- Active Your All Pieces.

In the middle of the chess game, you must keep in mind that you should make your attacking strategy strong. As well as making your defensive strategy strong.

so that you can win the game, and your defense and attacking strategy will only become when all pieces are in a state to make attack or defense another piece.

4- Keep Your King In Safe Position.

In the middle of the chess game, you must make sure that your king is in a safe position and is in not in a safe position then you must move your king to a safe position.

Otherwise, it may lead you to trouble.

(1.2)- Chess Endgame Strategy-Easy Guide

Endgame is one of the most crucial parts in the chess game which decides whether you win the game or loss the game, so make sure that you must not make any mistake and learn about basic strategy.

So here I will share the basic chess Endgame strategy which you must follow.

1- Open your king.

In the endgame, you must take advantage of your king by making him active, as there are no pieces on the board rather than pawns.

If there is any other piece, they also make your king active but remember that you must protect your king.

2- Move your pawn in the chain.

Moving your chain means moving your 2 pawn in support, by moving them one by one.

Click here to know more.

3- Make an attacking strategy.

In the endgame you must focus on attacking strategy, focusing on attacking strategy doesn’t mean just moving your pawn forward without thinking.

You must calculate the consequences of that move, then make your attacking strategy.

4- Try To Pin Pieces.

Sometimes in a chess game, a various situation arises where you can pin opponent pieces with the opponent king.

Pinning is a process where an opponent is not able to move the piece which is pinned.

Take a Look in the image below.

middle Game strategy

In the above image Opponent, the king is pinned by the bishop, now he can’t move his knight.

Similarly, in the bellow image opponent king is pinned by the rook.

Chess pinned piece strategy


Pinning of pieces situation which only arises sometime in your chess game, you must not miss the chance if you get it

Conclusion About Chess Strategy.

I think you might understand how you can improve your game.with these strategies.

if you have any questions or suggestions write below in comments

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