Chess Pieces Names And Their Moves.

Chess Pieces Names And Their Moves.

Chess is all about playing in board with pieces ,so it is required for every chess player to know about chess pieces names and their movement.

So if you have any confusion related to ,what are name of chess pieces and how they moves .

Then here i will explain all the chess piece names and their movement.

And i will also details you about value of each piece.

So now you might wondering about what is value??

Well value means Importance of chess piece in reference to other chess pieces,chess piece with low value, means it is less important and vice versa.

There are 8 pawn ,2 Rook ,2 Knight ,2 Bishop , 1 King ,1 Queen ,with these piece we have to play our whole chess game

There are 64 blocks in chess board,and their are 32 pieces in starting of game,16 white pieces and 16 black pieces and 16 pieces belong to you and 16 to opponent.

The person with white pieces will get chance to move pieces first.

Lets Talk About Chess Pieces Names.

Chess Pieces Names and their moves.



Value of Pawn=1

Pawn Contain less value ,so if you anywhere get opportunity to take any other pieces ,which is of high value,you must go a had to take that piece.

But it does’t mean you loss your pawn for no value,pawn plays important part in end game race.

How Does Pawn Move.

pawn is the piece which moves 2 moves forward in his first step and after that moves 1 step.

And Pawn take pieces Diagonally.

Click here to know more.

pawn piece


Value of Rook=5

Rook is piece which help to castle in chess,castling is done through the rook and king,

Rook is 2nd most valuable pieces among all other pieces.

You must keep in mind if you get opportunity to take opponent both rook with your queen then you should take them.

In endgame rook should move in same line ,when rook is in the same line in endgame then it give you good defense for your pieces.

How Rook Moves.

Rook moves horizontal and vertical in the chess board.

Rook In Chess


Value Of Bishop=3

The value of bishop is equal to value of knight ,so it means you can take opponent knight with your bishop,it will consider to be equal.

There are two bishop in chess board,one bishop in white block and other basics in white block.

Bishop can moves in both direction,for ex- bishop can move Backward as well as forward.

How Does bishop moves.

Bishop can move in cross direction .

As seen in the image bellow.

How bishop moves


Value Of knight=3

knight is equal valuable to bishop.

Knight move forward and also can reverse move .

How Does Knight Moves.

Knight moves 2 and half moves from his initial position,To any of the possible move in any direction.

How knight Moves in chess


Value Of Queen=9

Queen is most valuable piece among all the chess pieces.

so never dear to loos you queen for any other less valuable pieces.

Queen is only piece which consist moves of all other pieces expect knight .

How Does Queen moves.

Queen Can Move Forward ,backward ,and horizontal,vertical ,and also moves in cross direction.

In simple word you can say that queen consist the move of all chess pieces expect knight.

How Queen moves


King is most important piece in chess game,so always keep your king in safe position and also be aware about checkmate.

The King contain very few moves.

How Does king moves.

King can only moves 1 step to any direction

Conclusion About Chess Pieces Names And Their Moves.

I might think you have understand,how these chess pieces moves.

If you have any doubt,be free to ask in comment.


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