Chess Opening -Open well to win Game

Chess Opening -Open well to win Game

did you know that Chess opening plays the most important role in your whole chess game, if you open your Chess game with a bad move then you will never win a competitive chess game.

As you hear a quote “Well Began Half Done” this applies in chess opening also, the bad opening may lead you to in trouble in your end and middle game.

So, I will teach you basic opening which is also used by a grand-master for building their chess opening plan.

Here I will teach you opening from white pieces as well as black pieces, and I will also tell you the importance of these opening.

But before that let you learn what is considered as a bad opening.

What is bad Chess opening

In my words, a bad opening may be defined as a situation where you move piece which doesn’t cover central square.

Moving your in-front of rook pawn is consider as bad opening as it will not cover central square nor it making any purpose.

bad opening

Moving your in-front of knight pawn is also considered as bad opening as it will also not making any purpose, Moving your pawn to 2 steps is not considered as a good opening if you move one step then it might consider average level opening.

bad chess opening

So never try these two openings if you don’t want to spoil your chess game.

Basic Chess Opening with White Piece

Moving your pawn to E4 is considered as the most brilliant opening, which is also used by the grand-master.

White board E4

Then the opponent may move E5 to counter the move.

Then you may move your knight to C3 to give support to your pawn on E4, and to control the control central square.

after that opponent also moves knight, then you can move your bishop to pin the knight.

White pieces opening

After that, you can move your other knight and castle to the king.

Or you can Use another opening by moving the pawn which is in front of the queen to D4. after that you do the same as above,

Open your Knight and bishop then castle king and rook

The purpose of these both moves is to cover central square.and to move your king to a safe position.

Basic Chess Opening with a black piece.

Here also E5 is considered as good opening, then you may move your knight and bishop and after that protect your king by castling.

Or with black, you can use another opening. Let me explain to you in a step.

1 step-Move your Pawn to E5.

2 step-move your another pawn to D6 to protect the pawn on E5

3 Step-Move Your knight to F6.

4- step-move you pawn to G6.

5 Step-Move your Bishop to G7

6 step- Castle rock and king.

black pieces opening

With black pieces above the opening is considered a very good opening and this opening is also used by Grand-Master.

In this opening, if opponents threat any piece then you must protect if first.

Another opening that is considered a good opening is by moving your knight in the first move and then move according to the situation.


Basically, I want to explain to you that, you must focus on central square and Castle you king to keep your king to safe places.

You can try another opening also to test the effectiveness of all opening, but never try the opening which I had told you above as Bad opening.

If you Don’ know what is E4, C3 and other number moves then see the image below

Although I think now your doubt has been cleared if you have any doubt then you can ask questions in comments.

If you don’t know what is central square then take a look at the below image.

 control central square

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