Checkmate With Rook And king In Chess

Checkmate With Rook And king In Chess

Checkmate With Rook And king is easy chess tactics that arise at the end of the chess game, but if you don’t know basic rules about this checkmate then you won’t be able to do it.

Remember you must mate opponent within 50 moves, otherwise, it will consider as a draw.

This Checkmate Looks impossible when this situation arises for the first time.,

The Reason you are not able to do it for the first time is, you don’t have proper knowledge about this checkmate.

So here I will teach you all the things related to this move. I’m sure after this you will not face any difficulty in checkmate with rook & king.

Things to know before performing this Checkmate.

1-The key point to checkmate with rook and king is to make the opponent space lesser and lesser, and after that checkmate him at the corner of the board.

2-You must move your rook in support of the king, so it may not be taken with an opponent king.

3-You must remember that the opponent must have move until you checkmate him.

otherwise some time your mistake also leads to Stalemate(Draw.)

4-Don’t move your rook and king in the same line.

Checkmate with Rook And king-Step By Step Guide

1 step- Assume the board and think where to put rook

Look on the board and think the easiest way to insert opponent king into to corner, you can checkmate opponent king in any corner.

Let me explain you with an example.

Checkmate with rook and king

Hereafter seeing above example. I’m sure that you will think to put your rook in D1 or G4.

Ya you are right you should put your rook in D1 or G4 well Done.

Basic rook checkmate

2 Step- Move your rook and king Side by Side

Move your king and rook Side by side towards the opponent king until it goes to the corner of the board.

Make sure that you may not give opponent a chance to complete 50 moves or and also don’t loss your concentration otherwise you may be loss your rook.

you have to create exact situation as given bellow in the image.

This checkmate can be done in any corner of the board either right ,or left or downside.

Checkmate end agem

Remember about stalemate.

Remember that you always keep your king 3 lines away from corner lines in which opponent kings Exist, otherwise there are chances of a draw. Keep in mind about stalemate(Draw) while performing this checkmate.

3 Step- And Finally opponent get’s mate.

It is the last step now you can checkmate with rook and king.see the image below.

End-game checkmate.

Sometime this also happens

Sometime while you took the opponent king in the corner of the board you may face a problem that is.

Take a look in the Step 2 .

You might face a trouble when you will see that opponent king in not in the corner of the board instead of corner it is in the 2nd last block of the chess board, as also seen in the image bellow.

here is solution of that you just have to pull your rook 1 step back and then opponent will move his king to corner and after exact situation will be created as in 4th Step and then follow the 5 step.

Conclusion About Checkmate With Rook And King

I think now you have understood, how to checkmate with Alone rook.

If you have any doubt be free to ask in a comment, I will make sure that I will answer it.

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