Checkmate with King And Queen-Step By Step Guide.

Checkmate with King And Queen-Step By Step Guide.

Checkmate with King And Queen is an easy chess tactic, which all chess players must know because various times in a game a situation arises, where you have to checkmate with these chess pieces against an opponent.

So here I will teach you how to checkmate with King And Queen.

Remember that you have to checkmate opponent within 50 moves, otherwise, it will lead to drawing as per the chess rule.

Checkmate With King And Queen

1 Step-Assume the Board.

First of all, you have to think where to checkmate opponent king and assume the board and think where you have to move so that the opponent must have less space to move.

See the bellow image and think about what should you move.

Checkmate with Queen and king.

I’m sure after seeing this situation you will move your queen to E5 as seen in the image bellow.

Checkmate with King And Queen.

2 Step-Take Your king Towards you Queen.

After Moving your queen to E5, you have to move your king towards your queen.

3 Step-Insert Opponent king to Corner Line of the board.

Now you have to move your king and queen, and move the opponent king to the corner line of the board, as seen in the image below

You have to create an exact situation as seen below

Make sure that you must keep your king 3 places away from the opponent king,

Place opponent king corner

4 Step-Now its time to Checkmate.

Now opponents only have one move at the corner of the upper right side of the board.

and then you can checkmate opponent by placing your queen to G7, as seen in the image below.

finally checkmate.

Common Think Must Keep In Mind Before Performing this Checkmate.

1-Key point to apply this checkmate is to making the opponent moving space lesser and lesser.

2-Remember That, In this checkmate various situation, arises where the stalemate(Draw) can take place.

So to avoid Stalemate you just have keep in mind a points.

When you move your queen to any place, then check that opponent must have a place to move.until you don’t checkmate him.

3-Above I have mated opponent in the right corner, you can mate opponent in any corner of the chess board.

Conclusion About Checkmate With King And Queen.

I think you might have understood, how you can checkmate with this chess strategy, if you have any doubts about this checkmate, feel free to comment, I will make sure to answer it.

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