4 Move Checkmate-Easy Step By Step Guide.

4 Move Checkmate-Easy Step By Step Guide.

4 Move Checkmate is an easy chess Strategy that is used to win chess in 4 moves.

This is a simple chess strategy, which you can use to beat opponent early.

But remember, this is only a conditional checkmate, you will not always get success in this checkmate, you can only checkmate with these moves if the opponent not aware of this checkmate earlier or he loss his concentration from his chess game.

This is only used to give a try to win chess games earlier, if you had tried it with the player once, then you may not try it again with the same player if he tackled it.

Why should you learn 4 Move Checkmate.

You must know about this checkmate to beat opponent Easily and fast.

To know about this checkmate to tackle the threat regarding this checkmate.

You will learn about interesting strategies in chess.

4 Move Checkmate-Step By Step Guide.

Let’s Assume that you have white pieces.

1 Step- Move you Pawn to E4.

You must move your pawn to E4, then only you can apply this Checkmate.

Step to step guide about checkmate.

2 Step-Opponent moves his Pawn to E5.

opponent will surely move his pawn to E5, or if he does not move E5 then, remember that if the opponent moves any piece which doesn’t disturb your strategy or harm your any piece, then only you can do this checkmate.

E5 move in chess

3 Step-place you King side Bishop to C4.

you have to move your Bishop to C4, to full-fill your checkmate Strategy.

4 Step- Opponent moves his pawn to E6

5 Step-Then You move your queen to F3 or H5.

Move you queen

6 Step-And Opponent Get Mate

After placing you queen to F3 or H5 opponent will move his knight to C6 or he may any other piece also.

and finally you have to move your queen to F7, and the opponent gets mates as F7 block is in the support of Bishop and opponent king can’t take it.

4 Move Checkmate


The opponent may move piece Which Doesn’t Disturb your Strategy,

In simle word you can say that here you have to keep in mind that opponents may move that piece, Which may not lead to destroying your strategy.

Ex-If opponent moves his Pieces like move his knight to F6 or move his Queen, then you may not able to do this checkmate.

Conclusion About 4 Move Checkmate.

I have also said above that this checkmate is only conditional checkmate, you will not get success in this checkmate with everyone with whom you play.

But I recommend you to apply this checkmate with whom you think, he may not hear about this checkmate.

I think you might have been understanding about this checkmate.

If you have any doubts about this checkmate, then ask in a comment, I will make sure to reply to it.

If you don’t understand what is E4, C3 all this stuff then take a look bellow.

4 move Checkmate

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