2 Moves Checkmate In Chess-How To Win In 2 moves.

2 move checkmate

2 Move Checkmate is an easy chess strategy ,which is used to checkmate opponent in 2 moves. This Checkmate strategy is only a conditional checkmate strategy,which you can only use when that situation arises. but if you have…

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How To Teach Chess To Kid.

How To Teach Chess To Kid

Do you want to teach chess to your kid ,but you are getting little bit confuse about how to teach chess to kid. Well here i will explain you ,how you can teach chess to kids,and i will…

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Chess Strategy For Beginner

Basic chess strategy

hey Friends, here you will learn about chess strategy which is basically for beginner chess player. These chess strategy will help you to learn basic skills and also help directly and indirectly to improve your chess game. These…

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Stalemate in chess-Learn all about Stalemate.

Stalemate in chess

Hey Friends,did you heard about Stalemate in chess, here i will explain with you what is stalemate and how you can tackle stalemate. Stalemate is situation arises in end game, when opponent don’t have any piece other than…

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Chess Endgame Strategy.

Chess Endgame Strategy

Hey friend,here i will explain with you basic chess Endgame strategy which will help you to improve your chess game. These strategies will also help you avoid mistake in your end game.and also help you learn more about…

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